Why Get An Oil Change

Why Get An Oil Change

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Owning a vehicle is more than just signing a few documents and filling it with gas. These are machines which require constant maintenance, lubricant checks, and everything else in-between. That doesn't even cover external sources of potential damage, and what things like winter might do to them. That is why we intend on taking some time to discuss why something like an oil change can make such a big difference in how your vehicle functions, and your overall ownership experience. This is a really small thing you can do for your vehicle, and we promise, it is absolutely worth consistently getting an oil change. To learn more about the importance of oil changes, continuing reading down below where we'll be giving you a few major reasons to not skip your next service appointment.

Why are oil changes important?

Cool engine: The first thing we want to note about the oil in your vehicle is the job that it performs. Like most of the lubricants in your vehicle, it is meant to help make sure that none of the components inside are ever rubbing up against one another. That sort of event causes friction, which directly turns into heat. Heat is the biggest enemy of an engine, and can cause a lot of havoc if it isn't fixed or seen to properly. By changing the oil, and having sufficient amounts of oil, you are working hard to combat that potential friction and heat, thus, you are keeping your engine in better working condition.

Improve fuel efficiency: When you take care of an engine, and you continue to get the oil changed, you are responsible for saving some money throughout the entire year! An engine that is not working harder, and not causing extra heat, is able to utilize energy better, which means less stopping at gas stations, and quicker journeys to your next destination. However, if you start to skip oil changes, your engine might feel sluggish, and will not be using gasoline as well as it could be otherwise.

Clean engine: A clean engine, is a happy engine. An engine with old oil in it, is not. While we touched on both friction and efficiency briefly, the act of not getting your oil changed is the act of directly destroying the engine. Inside, when the oil starts to get old, it turns into something called sludge, and builds up different particles from dust and metal shavings to create something that is incredibly detrimental to the machine. When that is allowed to stay in the engine, it creates heat, reduces efficiency, and will make you pay more money in the future. That's why keeping your engine clean should be a top priority.

Maintain lubrication: The final thing we're going to mention is simply just a reminder. Oil is for lubricating all of the small parts that are close together, moving at high rates of speed. When oil is changed, it lets all of the actions happen without pause or cause for concern. When the oil is not changed, it can cause damage that, in the end, will end up costing you much more money than a quick and easy oil change.

Oil Changes at Pearson Auto Group

Here at our Auto Group, we make sure that everyone is taken care of, especially when it comes to servicing your vehicle. No matter what you need done, especially a quick oil change, you will be pleased with the service you receive here. We hope you'll schedule an appointment with us soon so you can be on track to taking care of your vehicle to the best of your abilities!

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